Katie M. Clancy

Katie M. Clancy | Founder

​Katie’s skillset as a Special Needs Planning attorney is partially built on her background in Estate Planning Law and government benefit planning. But when she became a mother to a child with special needs, her personal experience and growing knowledge led to a niche in special needs planning law.

“My son is the driving force behind my work and the resources I find.  It’s personal.  When I learn about a change in the law, discover a new resource, or tour a CILA, I think of him and my clients, and how these opportunities could help them.”

Other parents learned of Katie’s special needs law practice and asked her for help.  Recognizing that families need comprehensive support, Katie added other experts to her team to provide clients with a “full service” special needs planning solution.

“As parents, my husband and I became our son’s case manager – managing various experts, medical professionals, therapists and educators – to blend the fractured diagnoses and care our son received. It was overwhelming to become an expert in so many areas for someone who is our everything. Now it is very rewarding to serve as a guide for other families’ legal needs, using the knowledge and solutions I have built.  I help relieve the stress I know so well.”

Katie has built a vast network with other professionals in the special needs community in order to connect her clients to the other unique resources.  Her innovative approach to Special Needs Planning is forward-thinking, all-encompassing, and always with a parent’s perspective and deep compassion.

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