IEP Attorneys

Participating in your child’s IEP special education meeting can be an overwhelming experience. We know because we, too, have sat at the IEP table as concerned parents.

Our team can guide you through the creation (or re-creation) of a successful Illinois IEP. We understand unique learners and the tools they need to succeed and know the inventory of services and programs that school districts can provide. As Transition Planning Specialists, we help parents build a winning transition plan with goals, experiences and programming to prepare a young adult for life after 22. When the best IEP program is outside your home district, we will help you identify options and guide you through the process of obtaining “dual-eligibility”.

Active parent participation and creating an IEP meeting checklist becomes even more important when preparing for “transition.” Working with an Illinois IEP lawyer or special education attorney is critical not only to build a transition plan with rich opportunities, but to ensure evidence and testing data are included for upcoming government benefit applications.

If you have questions about what qualifies a child for an IEP, what is the purpose of an IEP meeting, or any other IEP special education concerns, contact us today for a consultation.