What Is A Special Needs Planning Attorney?

Special Needs Planning Attorney

Special Needs Planning Attorney works with children and adults who have disabilities. People with special needs may require unique and often comprehensive, varied legal supports throughout their lives. Parents are frequently overwhelmed by their growing ‘to-do’ lists, and how to find the information and resources to help their child right now. A Special Needs Planning law firm can guide you to solutions that address priorities with an eye on the future.

Throughout the planning process, we will assess your family’s current circumstances and develop a concise, ordered plan to implement. Our assessment identifies government benefit opportunities, develops a family’s support and financial plan, evaluates transition planning, necessary documents, using a team of professionals to guide you. Our shared goal and passion is to create a path that provides the highest quality of life for our clients. We call the result of this work a “Special Needs Plan.”

A Special Needs Plan will differ for each client because it considers the client’s age, supports needed, education plan, finances, family goals for future living, eligibility for government benefits, and parent/family support. A Special Needs Plan must change over time to adapt to the client’s changing needs – such as entering transition at school, becoming eligible for various government benefits, parents aging and retiring, and unexpected life events.

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Special Needs Planning is a unique area of law and considered by many to be highly specialized. Because of the depth of knowledge and experience necessary, the special needs attorneys at Clancy & Associates, Ltd. practice exclusively in this area of law.

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