Special Needs Planning

What is “Special Needs Planning,” exactly?

People with disabilities require unique and comprehensive legal support throughout their lives. Most parents are overwhelmed by their growing “to-do” lists, and how they will find the information and resources to help their child right now.  A Special Needs Planning Attorney can guide you to solutions that address priorities with an eye on the future. Each of our Special Needs Planning Attorneys are parents of children with disabilities and understand your journey.

Special Needs Planning is the process of first understanding your child and his or her uniqueness; then, assessing the financial, personal and living support he or she will need now and in the future.  We then build a step-by-step plan to organize the solutions we recommend and guide parents through the implementation process.  From government benefits to trust planning, guardianship and transition planning, to establishing circles of support to care for your adult child when you are gone, our full-service firm can assist you throughout the sometimes confusing and overwhelming process. We will make sure you have learned about every opportunity possible and planned for various contingencies along the way.

Every individual we support is different, and we tailor our services to address each family’s priorities. Our mission is to efficiently provide expert insights and advice to give you peace of mind for the present and the future, long after you are gone.

Because we are a full-service Special Needs Planning firm, we can address each of these concerns within our firm. Our families tell their story once. Our team of experts responds with solutions that address priorities with an eye on the future.