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"I have worked with several Estate Planning and Special Needs Attorneys in multiple states over the past 30 years but NONE compare to Katie regarding the depth of her knowledge, expertise, insights, thoughtful recommendations, counsel and compassion. In addition, she has an extensive network of professionals with whom she works who have also proven to be invaluable advisors and provide additional counsel and resources.

I would strongly encourage parents planning their estate and providing for their children with special needs to reach out to Katie Clancy."


“We just completed a new Third Party SNT (along with our Wills, POAs, etc) with Katie Clancy & Associates in Lisle. We had two working meetings along with ample time to review all our documents, a secure portal to enhance our ability to share past documents with her, extremely professional staff to work with, and the cherry on the top was Katie herself giving us more information than we could have asked for. I cannot recommend her more highly!  Thank you, Katie, for allowing us to breathe and lifting a weight off our shoulders!” 


"My husband and I were extremely pleased with the skilled guidance and service we received throughout this process - I never felt awkward asking questions, and Katie and her team were proactive in making suggestions...providing many answers to questions we did not even know to ask. Highly recommend!"


“I received great guidance from Katie and Violet. I never felt rushed, and received everything I needed in a timely manner, at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Clancy & Associates when planning for the next generation.” 


“We’ve put off ‘setting things in order’ for a long time. While attending a fair for students with disabilities, I sat through an eye-opening presentation by one of the associates from the firm. We worked with the Clancy team to set up a trust, a special needs trust, estate planning, etc. They were professional and informative through the entire process. Highly recommend them, as there is a personal touch to their service.”


“Katie and her team set up my estate plan and special needs plan. Their compassion, knowledge, understanding, and invaluable experience helped me through a difficult process. I highly recommend Katie and her firm."


“Working with Clancy & Associates was life changing for our family. We didn’t feel like we were alone anymore; we had knowledgeable, compassionate people to help us. We walked out of the office with less stress and anxiety.”


“We came to Clancy and Associates amid much personal turmoil and strain. They have been the calm within the storm, helping to allay all my concerns about preparing for my daughter’s future, and guiding us carefully along each step on the path. I am so grateful for the peace of mind they have provided, and my daughter is in love with Katie’s whole team!”

Jane M., Isabel's Mom

“The transition to adulthood for someone with special needs is especially challenging. Katie Clancy and her team at Clancy & Associates were able to thoroughly explain and help with a multitude of concerns including estate planning, wills, and a special needs trust.

My husband and I greatly appreciated Katie’s insight and compassion in planning and preparing for the future needs of our child.”​

Linda P.

“The firm of Clancy and Associates made the process of guardianship with my son seamless. The individuals working with me were always informative, knowledgeable, professional, and invested in my son’s needs. I have already suggested this firm to my friend that will be going through this process soon. Thank you for a positive experience.”

R. Hafner

“We are thankful to Katie Clancy and her team for their expertise and guidance in helping us navigate and understand what could have been an overwhelming SSI application process. Their knowledge, caring, and attention to detail made a complicated process move quickly and efficiently. They have also been an immense help with guardianship and updating our special needs trust as we make sure we are doing everything we can for our son as he transitions into adulthood. Their passion for helping those in the special needs community along with their knowledge and compassion made for a great and stress free experience.”

Joan and Pete K.

“Katie Clancy is a patient and knowledgeable attorney who really listened to us and allocated the time necessary to address the many questions and concerns we presented to her. She also followed up with us during our child’s public benefits application process to ensure we were on track. She was extremely well organized and efficient, and truly represents the best that her profession can be.

Clancy & Associates helped us immensely in planning and preparing to meet the future needs of our disabled adult child. They assisted with updating our wills, establishing special needs trusts, and gaining access to both public and private resources available to our child. They were upfront and forthright about the costs involved for the services offered.”

Ray and Laura M.

“We had the pleasure of meeting Katie Clancy who came to speak to our families here at Easterseals DuPage and Fox Valley. She presented at various times to accommodate our families’ work schedules. I found, as did the families who attended, that her presentation was clear, factual and easy to follow. She stayed and answered all questions the parents had – Katie has been a great resource to our families!”

Sharon Pike

Parent Liaison ​Easterseals DuPage & Fox Valley

“We put off establishing a Special Needs Trust for our son, because we were sure it would be very difficult and overwhelming. However, Katie guided us all the way through it in a professional and caring manner. She was also very helpful creating our Legal Will. We thank you, Katie, and highly recommend your expertise and legal knowledge.”

Ken and Kathy D.

“When you have a loved one with disabilities, it is so important to find someone who specializes in special needs Trusts and Wills and other important issues so you can plan for their future. Katie Clancy was gracious enough to come out to our Parent Support Group of parents with disabled children and adults (more than once) and take the time to explain our options and answer our questions. She was so knowledgeable and personable. She helped so many of us. I highly recommend Clancy and Associates.”

S. Linden

Director of Elmhurst Parent Support Group

“Katie is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We can breathe easier knowing that we have a plan in place so our child with special needs will be properly taken care of when we are gone. Appointments were simple to schedule and she traveled to meet with us at our financial advisor’s office and at our home. I refer all of my fellow moms who have children with special needs to Katie.”

Bill & Lori G.

“Katie Clancy and Clancy & Associates offered my family outstanding service in setting up wills, individual trusts, and a special needs trust for our daughter. Katie has a calm, reassuring demeanor–perfect for this field of law, which touches on such emotionally fraught areas. She took the time to fully understand each family member’s desired outcomes and offered us many options and insights into how to effectively assure they would be met. I highly recommend her firm!”

Patrice T.

“I recently met with Katie and her team to review my son’s planning (he’s 17). She had her Firm’s Benefits Specialist, IEP Attorney and Guardianship attorney all meet with me as a team to plan a strategy for supporting my child through the transition years. I felt so much better after this thorough review, I know what I need to do for my son (not guardianship), which benefits to plan for, and how to establish the record he needs to apply for SSI. Very happy and relieved. Highly recommend. Transition is much more than I thought it was. She’s also the mom of a child with special needs. She gets it.”

Jamie M.

“From the moment of being introduced, Ryan & I felt like we were in excellent hands with you! Building the trusts & wills for our family was definitely uncharted territory, and we had a lot of questions. Your direct, yet attentive approach helped us get through the process seamlessly. And coming to our home twice was more than accommodating, especially for new parents. It really showed your commitment to your clients & made a big difference in our busy schedules, not to mention the timely delivery of all the documentation. Thanks so much for the wonderful & through service!”

Carrie & Ryan

“So thankful to Clancy & Associates for working with us to prepare a Special Needs Trust for our son. I had been dreading this process and the expertise and information Katie provided made it a thousand times easier than I expected. I feel that partnering with this firm is one of the best decisions we have made for our family.”


“We are so glad we found Clancy & Associates Ltd to help us with our estate planning. Katie took the time to understand our situation and put together an estate plan. Katie explained that with proper planning, a special needs trust can help provide a pathway for helping our special needs son in a variety of ways. Katie and her team were very caring, attentive, informative and very thorough. I believe Katie and her team will be a valuable resource down the road for our family well beyond just the estate planning aspects. Highly recommend Clancy & Associates Ltd.!”


“Excellent, supportive, knowledgeable, kind staff. They are like family now. They have been so wonderful with our son who has autism. We could not have navigated this legal process without them. Incredible team!”


“Katie Clancy helped us update the special needs trust for our son with a developmental disability, along with our personal wills. Everything was done in a timely manner and everyone on her staff is professional and compassionate. Highly recommend!!!”


“Clancy and Associates go above and beyond – they help manage our needs and provide us guidance so we don’t even have to ask. They do the thinking for us.”


“Katie and her team are amazing to work with. They are very knowledgeable about how to navigate life with a developmentally disabled child or adult. They listened to our needs and concerns and advised us on the best plan. I highly recommend Katie and her team.”


“I am so thankful that Clancy & Associates is helping our son Alex, who has Autism and just turned 18.

Clancy & Associates helped us strategize the many steps we needed to take. From a special needs trust to guardianship, and now SSI, Katie and her team made sure we had everything we needed to navigate Alex’s transition to adulthood. Thank you to everyone in the firm!”​

The Cruz Family

“My progressive disability caused my sudden retirement and need to plan support services and benefit eligibility. Katie Clancy and her team were my knights in shining armor. Her immense compassion and knowledge was always on display (and amazing) as she navigated me through SSDI, Medicare, Independent Living Housing and GoFundMe administration. She made me feel safe when I faced so many unknowns. Clancy and Associates is the best!”

Jay H.

“We are busy parents of four boys, including one with special needs. It is a joy but can also be stressful as we are dealing with issues most people do not have experience with. Having the team at Clancy & Associates (C&A), Ltd. to navigate our family through the unique world of special-needs planning was invaluable. The C&A team worked with us to create estate plans, wills, and a special needs trust for our 13-year-old Aidan. Katie Clancy is smart, trustworthy and an excellent listener. She made the process easy by gathering information in advance and clearly walking us through our options. We are so thankful to have her to guide us through this unique process. Her experience and knowledge are incomparable.”

S. Clark

“In 2017, when my husband and I needed an expert with a heart in Estate and Special Needs Planning, Katie Clancy was highly recommended to us by another lawyer within the field of special needs and disabilities.

Katie provided our family Estate Planning and Special Needs Planning for our adult son. Services included: Reviewing our personal family situation, overhauling our outdated Living Trusts, establishing a separate and comprehensive Special Needs Trust, providing guidance on dividing assets when we pass on between all our children, and guidance on leaving instructions for future Trustees – a scenario that no parent wants to think about.

Our trusts – Living Trust and Special Needs Trust, are living and breathing documents, built for current and future needs. Katie is indeed a trusted advisor for our family and we highly recommend her.”

The G. Family

“I met Katie Clancy when she spoke about special needs trust and overall life planning. Let me tell you that I could not take notes fast enough! Fast forward, I worked with Katie to execute an estate plan including a special needs trust for my son Riley. Our relationship with Katie will continue as I look to her as an invaluable resource to help us navigate life planning for our adult son.”

Mary D.

“Turning Pointe often utilizes Katie’s help to guide families on their journey with autism. We refer families directly to her office and also proudly host her for informative live on-site presentations. Katie has a unique touch with clients as she is knowledgeable, but approachable and operates from a place of real passion for her work. At Turning Pointe, we are always confident in partnering with Clancy Associates and feel grateful to have her in our community.”

Carrie Provenzale

Executive Director Turning Pointe Autism Foundation

“Katie is a wealth of knowledge, but even more so an empathetic, honest and relatable person and professional. She understands the challenges that families face and cares deeply about equipping caregivers with the information they need to be strong advocates. Katie’s presentations are thorough, user-friendly and always up-to-date. In addition to being incredibly informative, Katie’s sessions provide an opportunity for families to connect when they may have otherwise felt alone.”

Clare Killy

Aspire Manager of Inclusive Solutions

“Katie Clancy was highly recommended to us by our son’s SSI Appeals Attorney. We knew it was critical for us and for our family to update our 14 year old Estate Planning and Special Needs Trust but we didn’t have the energy or appetite to go through the complicated process again. Working with Katie Clancy made all the difference. She helped us understand current government benefits that were available for our son, provided invaluable suggestions and revisions that addressed life planning needs and guidance on how to write a Letter of Intent. The whole process of updating our Estate Planning and Special Needs Trust has tremendously relieved our stress and anxiety over our son’s and daughter’s financial future and well-being.”

G. Family

“Katie worked with us to create a special needs trust for our son. She was a wealth of information that went far beyond the trust work she provided. Katie provided us with thoughtful counsel and was incredibly generous with her considerable resources and network to help us understand what options are available for our son’s future. I highly recommend Katie and encourage other people who have this need to use her services.”

Sue M.

“In her role as attorney representing the trust of a member of my family, Katie Clancy was essentially dropped into the middle of a complex, disordered and sometimes volatile legal situation with the directive to somehow sort it all out – and as quickly as possible.

She has masterfully done so. The deftness with which she got up to speed and handled painstaking legal details, difficult co-trustee relationships, correspondence with financial institutions and tax issues was remarkable. Not only is she fast at assessing the situation and applying her extensive legal know-how, she is also exceptionally responsive and simply a pleasure to work with.

I would highly recommend her to anyone needing an attorney to represent a trust, ​or for any legal matter in which she specializes.”

Kelly S.

“Working with you has been a pleasure. You handled all of our family’s probate issues in a timely manner and kept me updated. Also, because of your hard work, the estate was liquidated and closed in record time (less than 3 months). Not only are you knowledgeable and professional, but kind and caring as well. Look forward to working with you again.”

Karen C.